JZX100 Driver Seat Rail Adapter

JZX100 Driver Seat Rail Adapter

JZX100 Driver seat rail adapter.

This allows you to put a fixed back seat on your powered seat rail. It can NOT be used to mount a reclinable seat.

It requires removal of seat from rails (held on by M8 nuts) and separation of wiring. Can be used with all factory wiring and switch to maintain forward and back controls OR can be hooked up to a 12v battery to move forward and back to your liking.

These come in uncoated steel with new M8 nuts to attach them to the OEM rail. Plenty of adjustment and brackets can be flipped for larger fixed back seats.

The adapter brackets should fit most JZX100 powered seat rails, if you have ANY questions about fitment please reach out before ordering as they are no refunds or exchanges. As with 98% of our products it is very universal and as such may or may not be compatible with all set ups.